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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos Testing

Because asbestos can’t be seen with the naked eye, materials must be submitted to an EPA-certified laboratory for asbestos testing prior to a remodel. Even removing a sample to send to the EPA requires stringent precautions, and in many states it is illegal to do sample removal yourself.  Read more >>

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Asbestos Removal

If your property has tested positive for asbestos, we will then work with you to develop a remediation plan, which will include an abatement strategy if possible.  There are two ways to safely deal with asbestos. The first is ‘abatement’ – which means complete removal of the materials containing asbestos. The second method is ‘Encapsulation’ – fully covering and sealing off asbestos materials.  Read more >>

If you need to hire a company that provides asbestos removal services, look no further than Environmental Asbestos Llc. We’re proud to help property owners across the Fayetteville area. Our trained professionals can test for asbestos in your home and create an effective abatement plan. At Environmental Asbestos LLC, you can expect professional, knowledgeable Asbestos Abatement and Encapsulation for both residential and commercial buildings. We know this is new to you, and that is why we are with you every step of the way. Our skilled workers are highly trained and certified in the work they do, with all work areas left clean at the end of every shift. We go above and beyond for results, and are confident that you will experience the difference that comes with a persistent dedication to our craft.

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Your Specialty Contractor in Asbestos Abatement

Over the years we have completed numerous kinds of commercial asbestos removal projects, and there’s no project in these areas we don’t have extensive experience with. This kind of work is highly regulated by the industry and workers must be carefully trained and re-certified every year. Our proven team of expert asbestos workers are trained and certified at the highest level, so that your project is safely completed in a professional and expeditious manner.

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